Phoebe and Hugo

Charlie has taught me for over a year now, having first met her at a Quob Stables. Charlie has brought my riding on so much, constantly challenging me and teaching me new things, and we never fail to have a laugh. She not only helps me to improve my riding, but she also teaches me so much more about other aspects of horses, such as how their bodies work, and their anatomy. Charlie is so knowledgeable about pretty much everything horsey, and I always come away from a lesson with her having learnt so much. She is currently helping me to improve my dressage with Hugo. Hugo has taken some getting used to, but Charlie is really enabling me to understand him and ride him effectively, whilst improving my weaknesses. Hugo and I are working towards our competition debut, and are very excited about our future together with Charlie as our instructor!

Testimonial from Phoebe and Hugo 2015

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